Working Sites


Black Sand dunes are located along the Egyptian North coast starting from Abu Qir west till the refah border .

The company's current project:

- The first stage of the project is located in Burullus dunes (West of El Gharbyia canal along 16 km coastline with 400 to 1,000 m depth (total area of 3,500 acres). The project site advantages; i) locate within the coastal dunes that parallel to the coastal road, and ii) its proximity to the equipped for the export of the production from Alexandria and Damietta ports.
- EBSC is planning for establishing a main project for requiring plant for mining, concentration and separation of EL-Burulls Black sand dune at leave six minerals on a limited tender - Link
- EBSC will start to produce six minerals from El-Burulus black sand dune approximately during the end of 2018