El-Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals

The company was established in 1982 in the industrial zone Abu Rawash, El-Giza governorate in order to enhance the national economy through producing strategic raw materials to be used in most fields. The company owns industrial complex for producing chlorine and sodium hypochlorite with the capacity of 80 tons/ day to meet the drinking water requirements and health drainage as well as support the agriculture and health sector and use it in different industries. The industrial gas complex includes (4) factories for producing oxygen, carbon dioxide, Acetylene and Nitrous oxide. The set of aerosols that includes a factory for producing 30 million tins of pyrosol and - Air fresheners . The set of safe and un-harmful Agricultural pesticides that produce 900 tons of pesticides per year and 700 tons of fertilizers per year. A huge industrial complex has been established in Kom Ushim, El-Fayum governorate to include. A factory for producing 200 thousand tons of liquid and solid aluminum sulfate per year. A factory for producing 150 thousand tons of concentrated sulfuric acid per year. A factory for producing 150 thousand tons of mono ammonium phosphate fertilizers per year. A factory for producing 22 thousand tons of potassium sulfate fertilizers per year. Besides producing 26 thousand tons of hydrochloric acid per year. Products chlorine and sodium hypochlorite, oxygen, carbon dioxide, Acetylene, Nitrous oxide, aerosols, Agricultural pesticides, liquid and solid aluminum sulfate, concentrated sulfuric acid, mono ammonium phosphate fertilizers, potassium sulfate, and hydrochloric acid.


Address & Contact Info

km 28 - Cairo/Alex Road Abo RawashCity
Golf Land - Masr El-Gdeda
Cairo - Egypt
Tel : 02-35390678
Fax : 02-35390678


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